"Call it happenstance or call it a stroke of genius, but Stephen Beckta and chef Michael Moffatt have opened a restaurant that's perfect for the times: generous sharing plates, for not a lot of money, featuring a solid selection of savoury and sweet, charcuterie and cheese — with wines to match"
‐ National Post
"The name says it all. Stephen Beckta's second restaurant is about fun with food. If you're looking for a night out — a combination of happy, noisy people and fine food — then Play does the trick."
- Ottawa Magazine
"Chef Michael Moffatt has enormous talent, and you won't find a restauranteur in the city more concerned with hospitality than Stephen Beckta."
- Ottawa Citizen
"Rarely had we been wined and dined like this, and we talked about the food the whole ride home. Very impressive."
‐ Ottawa Xpress